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Sustainable innovation

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The vehicle market – proaxia DBM|E

proaxia DBM|E is the ideal solution for all customers who are getting a head start on the changes soon expected in the vehicle market but are planning to introduce SAP S/4HANA only later.


This solution adds new functionalities and components to SAP DBM that help shape a unique customer experience and respond to the specific requirements of regional marketsindustry segments and brands.

Sustainable innovation

With proaxia DBM|E, already today you can benefit from innovative sales and service functions. The focus is on high volumes and efficiency in sales and service. And the decisive factor for achieving this is superior customer loyalty, sustained by a positive and consistent customer experience from beginning to end.


Your investment is secure because you can safely migrate to the next-generation Dealer Management System “proaxia VSS on SAP S/4HANA”. The transition   of systems and data is guaranteed.

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Your benefits from proaxia DBM|E

Ongoing implementation of innovations on your current SAP DBM system

Increased volume and efficiency

Stronger customer loyalty through enhanced customer experience

Security of investment guaranteed through defined transition to SAP S/4HANA and proaxia VSS at a later stage

Stability and security of a standard product that includes maintenance

Easy replacement of third-party solutions that are not ideally integrated or do not fully meet automobile retail requirements

Cost-savings through simplification of the application environment

Architecture and Functions

proaxia DBM|E contains functions for the optimized use of SAP DBM. The features are based on best practice experience and include innovative enhancements such as business functions for increasing process performance, integration with other SAP solutions, general interfaces and project accelerators.


The proaxia DBM|E solution is based on SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA. In addition to the SAP standard graphical user face, it also supports – depending on process requirements – SAP Fiori, mobile solutions and web-based applications, for implementing user interfaces. The business features can also be used on mobile devices.

Sustainable innovation

proaxia DBM|E supports evolution leading to new sales and service concepts.

Commission and Incentive Management (CIM)

Automated calculation of sales commissions for individual staff members and/or groups. This increases process transparency and you can easily transfer the sales commission calculated to the monthly SAP HR pay slip via SAP BAPI.

Business Partner Quality (BPQ)

Using BPQ, you can boost the quality of business partner data. With its fuzzy search, BPQ helps avoid redundant entries when creating new business partner records. The cockpit also allows you to clean up inventory data.

Service Resource Scheduling (SRS)

This feature simplifies appointment scheduling with customers, makes workshop planning more transparent and digitalizes the service process. With just a few clicks, your customers can schedule appointments online, add vehicle information and request additional services or replacement vehicles.

The tasks are then easily and swiftly assigned to your workshop staff while taking into account available capacities. By maintaining a consistent overview of free capacities and bottlenecks, you are better able to utilize capacities.

Mobile Service Advisor (MSA)

Your staff members can carry out the entire dialog reception together with the customer directly at the vehicle. In a structured check-in process, all data are entered and the order is signed by the customer directly on a tablet PC.


The workshop order is automatically created or updated in SAP Dealer Business Management.


The MSA automatically displays applicable current sales campaigns which can be offered to the customer exactly when needed – an ideal opportunity to sell additional services.

Vehicle Goods Manager (VGM)

The Vehicle Goods Manager supports the management of customer-owned parts stored with the dealer and used only in certain seasons (e.g. snow tires). This additional service increases customer loyalty.

Time Clocking (TC)

At the time clocking terminal, your workshop staff records the time worked on each order. These performance indicators are recorded for billing and productivity measurements and can be manually adjusted by supervisors. This allows you to better manage your workshop based on actual working time. With little administrative effort, you create the conditions for performance-related remuneration.

Integrated time clocking avoids additional costs for the installation of commercially available time recording systems.

Material Information Cockpit (MIC)

A well-organized cockpit gives an overview of a given service part, with all important information at a glance. Available supplies within the organization as well as alternative parts are displayed. Histories, open tasks, orders, prices and details from the material master data are presented in a clearly structured manner.

Parts Procurement Assistant (PPA)

The Parts Procurement Assistant enables you to maintain an overview of your order process as well as an optimized inventory. In the event of back orders for specified products, internal stock transfer is triggered instead of external sourcing. This helps reduce inventory cost and improve delivery times.

System Translation Tool (STT)

The translation tool serves to create field and element names for your development objects, customizing objects and content tables quickly in multiple languages.

Adobe Printout Framework (APF)

Print your documents using the specific brand’s Corporate Design: Adobe Printout Framework enables easy implementation and management of various design templates.

Roadmap to the Intelligent Enterprise

Connectivity, autonomous driving, flexible use and electric drive systems are shaping future mobility concepts and requiring the automobile industry to develop new business models. A new buyer generation expects buying or leasing a car or subscribing a car to be as easy as streaming music to your smartphone.

This offers many opportunities for established dealers. Tomorrow’s customers expect an effortless and pleasant purchase experience. Important success factors here are new forms of cultivating customer relationships, new vehicle and mobility services as well as sales and service through different channels.

We provide you with step-by-step guidance on your way to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

With proaxia DBM|E you can enrich your current SAP DBM system with innovative functions and consistently gear your processes to meet customer expectations. In this way, you have a solid basis for shaping modern customer relationships and for transition to the leading ERP platform SAP S/4HANA and to proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS).

proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS), the next-generation SAP DBM, is available on SAP S/4HANA as of 2020. Co-innovated with SAP®, it offers quality comparable with a genuine SAP product.

proaxia VSS integrates the extensive features from SAP Dealer Business Management (DBM), proaxia DBM|E as well as additional, key developments in one.

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Transition Path to proaxia VSS on SAP S/4HANA

proaxia DBM|E supports evolution leading to new sales and service concepts. On their way to becoming an intelligent enterprise, customers with SAP DBM currently running have two options.


Option A: Immediately introduce SAP S/4HANA and proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS), in order to soon benefit from the innovations offered by intelligent enterprise solutions.


Option B: As a first step, use the proaxia DBM|E innovations on your currently running systemContinue by using SAP S/4HANA and proaxia VSS in accordance with your SAP S/4HANA roadmap.

SAP and proaxia partnership

SAP and proaxia partnered in 2016 to develop proaxia DBM|E®. Close cooperation has made innovative functions and adaptations readily available for certain customer groups and markets.

Early in 2020, SAP and proaxia announced plans to intensify cooperation, to provide superior service also to vehicle and construction machinery dealers as well as maintenance and repair outlets . SAP and proaxia signed agreements to accelerate the development of an intelligent enterprise solution for automotive retail on the basis of SAP S/4HANA®.

This agreement includes “co-innovation with SAP”. On the basis of SAP DBM 8.1, proaxia is developing and marketing a new vehicle sales and service solution to accelerate the transition from an SAP ERP solution to SAP S/4HANA while at the same time safeguarding the customer’s IT investment. The new solution: proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS) on SAP S/4HANA. It encompasses the proaxia DBM|E business functions as well as additional innovations that allow for using the SAP Cloud Platform.


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