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Actively shape change and make the value contribution of your IT tangible

Why CIO Services?

As a CIO or IT manager, you face the challenge of providing a transformative IT environment. Your organization should be agile and able to respond rapidly to changing market requirements in the business, while sustainably controlling costs. Your IT team needs not only to improve its process support through globally harmonized and locally individualized (legacy) systems, but also – and especially – to support digital innovations.


That’s why the IT department must position itself as a driver of innovation and create the conditions for new business potential, even though ever rising IT costs leave increasingly limited scope for new investment. In this conflicting situation, IT can make a measurable contribution to the success of the company. However, this can only be achieved through the consistent alignment of all services with the company’s value creation and thus with the corporate strategy. In other words, by actively designing change.


Use our CIO Services and foster innovations that create high added value for your business, with acceptable risks! You’ll find an overview of our consulting services here. Or talk to us in person to find out what we can do for you.

Rainer-Soehlemann - proaxia CIO Services

„For IT at our customers, technological change is increasingly becoming a challenge due to new technologies in the hands of end users. The continuous transformation in business & IT must be designed holistically in order to continue to be successful“


– Rainer Soehlemann, proaxia Head of CIO Services

proaxia CIO Services will help you achieve your targets to:

– actively shape IT transformation at eye level with the business units

– lastingly protect the agility and responsiveness of the IT organization

– provide optimum support for business and technological innovations with a modern IT solution

– Making the benefits and value contribution of IT tangible

proaxia – Your Partners

We at proaxia see ourselves as the link between business and IT – along the entire lifecycle of IT solutions. With many years of experience in consulting and implementation projects as well as line responsibility, we bring highly specialized organizational and process expertise when it comes to designing and changing IT systems.

Our declared objective is to work with our clients to sustainably grow their organization’s value proposition, in line with our guiding principle: “value delivered as promised”. We thus achieve our goals by

pursuing a practical and results-focused approach – i.e. tailored to your customer project


implementing our own, tried-and tested methods realistically and manageably


taking into account different interest groups, with a high level of social competence and understanding for your organization


holistically and methodically guiding you through implementation and transformation


using our extensive understanding in the areas of IT management, IT operating models and digital transformation

proaxia your partner - CIO Services

CIO Services – How we work

Develop a target image

Designing the case for change and the target image. Developing the road map and planning.

Focus and mobilize

Involving the managements and the organization. Defining areas of activity and business case. Assessing the degree of preparedness for IT transformation.

Design and introduce

Designing the change. Planning communication. Defining maturity, scope and concepts. Organization and process design.

Convert and implement

Management of changes and dependencies. Communication with and development of Change Ambassadors. Introducing roles, committees and IT processes, as well as the CIO’s ERP. Rollout in the countries.

Manage challenges

Stakeholder and risk management Communication and change management. Knowledge transfer and training. Organizational alignment and principles. Increasing potential benefit.

IT-Management Sparring

We support our clients in identifying the need for change by asking strategic, organizational and technological questions, initiating necessary steps and resolving existing barriers.

Interim Management in IT

We take over IT leadership and line management tasks on a temporary basis. This enables us to support our clients selectively with the necessary expertise or with necessary capacities in the case of bottlenecks.

IT Strategy and Roadmap

We initiate the development of your long-term organizational orientation by asking questions, such as:
What vision is the IT department pursuing? What is its mission? Are the IT services and structures in line with the business strategy?

IT Governance and
Organizational Design

With our many years of experience, we help you to develop the framework conditions for a powerful IT organization. In doing so, we look at who makes which decisions along the “IT value chain” and which structures are required, and also how the IT department ensures the necessary quality and high added value for the business areas and keeps risks predictable.

IT-Operating Model

We have the necessary expertise to work with you in designing a holistic IT operating model. This determines which position the business, the IT department and the suppliers assume in the IT value chain and how they interact. The focus here is on the design of processes, applications, data, roles, capabilities and key performance indicators.

IT and Digital Transformation

Together with our clients, we work out the changes that the IT system itself is undergoing as a result of changing business requirements and digitalization. The key issue here is how to ensure continuous adaptation and agility. We also focus on which abilities and “enabling technologies” are required for the active transformation of the business and how these are used.

IT Demand Management

With a design and principle-oriented approach, we focus on an end-to-end process view. The important thing here is that the IT department is able to support its customers at an early stage and offers a continuous view, from the origin of the requirement to the implementation of the IT solution. At the same time, interaction and communication with the customer must be professionally designed.

IT Portfolio and Project Management

We help our clients to optimize the benefits gained from use of resources. Firstly, this involves achieving a balance between resources being used for new solutions, ongoing projects and the preservation of existing solutions, with control in this area being handled by portfolio management. Secondly, we have the industry expertise, with competence in processes and methods, that is needed to guide and control the implementation within the framework of your IT projects.

Architecture Management

With our architecture management service, we work with our clients to ensure that their business and IT architecture are perfectly matched to one another. Customized solutions right through to “Architect-as-a-Service” make for seamless rollout and effective organizational anchoring. The important thing is that all solution architectures are oriented toward the target architecture in the long term, and that new solutions can be implemented accordingly.

IT-Service Management

We support our clients in ensuring that IT services are designed to meet customer needs, starting with their service strategy, through to the development, commissioning and operation of the services. A central aspect of this is the definition of an optimum service catalog, and the charging of the associated service provision.

IT Sourcing and Vendor Management

Based on the IT operating model and the IT service management, appropriate IT sourcing and vendor management creates scope for the IT system since it defines how suppliers are actively controlled and nurtured in accordance with a sourcing strategy, and whether they supply the agreed services.

ERP for the CIO

We guide our clients in consolidating the tools in the IT system, integrating them more effectively into the processes and visualizing the information in management cockpits in a way that is appropriate for the target groups. When implementing IT processes we rely on various tools, from portfolio management and architecture management through to IT service management.

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