International Deployment

Our years of experience with the international rollout of business processes ensure the success of your project.

International Deployment

Sales and Service for a Customized Product

Companies face a variety of challenges. International markets must be served adequately, customers with an international presence need standardized services from one point of contact, products and business workflows have to be integrated when companies are acquired, and new branches must be built up in growth markets.


To increase productivity and profits and shorten response times, business targets and processes must be continually adapted.


The IT landscape plays an important role in this perspective, because it can boost or impede business management processes.

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Rolling Out SAP® Applications for Sales and Service Company-Wide

It is especially important in sales and services for complex products, such as vehicles, machinery and equipment, for company-wide processes to be standardizeddata harmonized, and systems consolidated. This creates flexible IT landscapes that grow with the business.


Rollout in the relevant national and international business units presents a particular challenge, because ultimately the individual employees must actively use the application in order to achieve the desired effect.

For successful rollouts

To ensure the success of the rollout, a number of questions must be answered

How are the different requirements (local, global) taken into account?

Which tasks will be centralized?

How are processes segmented?

Who is responsible for which sub-processes?

Who is responsible for the quality and management of the master data?

How is the customer hierarchy structured?

How can different products be integrated into one system?

What kind of data will be available and where?

How is the master data distributed?

Which systems must be discontinued and potentially replaced?

Concerted and quick

It is also critical to moderate the interests of individual organizational units and implement global standardizations quickly. Not least, your employees play an important role with their cultural background and the specific requirements at their workplace. It is necessary to involve them early and provide training.


Rollout projects require an overview of the entire business, insight into the individual functions, a neutral point of view, methodical approach, and complete concentration on the project.

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Our Expertise in international rollouts

Our consultants have years of experience with the implementation and rollout of SAP® applications. They set up process landscapes, system architectures, and master data concepts. They also understand how to integrate global and local requirements and develop specific versions to meet local needs.


Our aim is to manage the projects in close cooperation with your specialists so as to incorporate the various requirements into one cohesive overall concept. Our methods and best practice approaches ensure that you get a customized solution that you can use to manage your business efficiently.

We ensure smooth international rollouts

Our experience in handling cultural differences, the high social competence of our consultants, and the respectful approach toward all involved make us an excellent partner for international projects.


proaxia has locations in Europe and Asia. We use lead consultants and strategic partners to support rollouts in other countries such as the USA or in Latin America.


Our lead consultants take over responsibility for specific topics in the project, ensure successful knowledge transfer, and support local organizations when new solutions are introduced.


Our software development center supplies as needed the tools, interfaces, enhancements for specific sub-processes, user-friendly cockpits, and migration tools for a smooth roll-out.

Our Services in international rollouts

Assessing process and system landscapes using best practice approaches

Conducting fit/gap analyses and setting out action plans

Implementing global standardizations with all involved parties

Developing master data concepts

Harmonizing and migrating master data

Developing global system templates and integrating local requirements

Implementing needs-oriented solutions and enhancements

Planning and managing rollouts, coordinating roll-out teams, ensuring successful knowledge transfer

Adapting applications to suit local requirements and supporting local teams

Project communication and information and training for users

Stringent project management supported by methods and tools

Supporting implementation by providing resources from our team

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Your Advantages with proaxia

Our years of experience with the international rollout of business processes ensure the success of your project.

Our process, SAP, and technology consultants and project managers have extensive experience in rollout projects. They use industry best practice and their expertise to optimize international processes and incorporate these in the project.

proaxia is an SAP VAR partner, SAP Hana Cloud partner, SAP Mobile partner, and SAP development partner.

With locations in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia, and a strategic partnership in the USA, we are fully qualified for local and for international rollouts. proaxia has even successfully coordinated rollouts in South America.

We approach cultural differences with respect. We are comfortable and familiar with working together with local partners and international teams.

Our services are based on our own methodology, which facilitates targeted and structured work even in complex environments.


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with headquarters in Switzerland and branches in Europe, MENA, Asia and USA.


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