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proaxia VSS

Vehicle Sales and Service

Transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise for the Automotive Business.

proaxia VSS – the next step to becoming an
Intelligent Enterprise in the vehicle business


Increase in customer satisfaction


Increase in new revenue streams


Visibility uplift along the value chain


Cost reduction in production assets


Productivity increase and faster skill development

Sources: 1-5. SAP Performance Benchmarking

Why proaxia VSS Vehicle Sales and Service?


New mobility and service concepts, a stronger focus on customer needs and personalized online services are disrupting the automotive market.


We offer you a solution for optimizing your traditional vehicle business and supporting your digitalization strategies and new disruptive business models.

Your challenges in vehicle distribution and service

The vehicle business is facing profound changes.


New products such as e-cars are changing the after sales business, and service revenues per vehicle are dropping considerably.


Sales of new cars to private customers are declining.


In large metropolitan areas, there is a demand for mobility but not necessarily vehicle ownership. New mobility services and utilization concepts are emerging. Offerings range from vehicle rentals and leasing to car subscriptions and sharing.


Distribution channels are changing. Direct marketing by manufacturers and new sales cooperations pose a threat to dealers’ traditional business models.


Instead of interfaces which enable only selective integration, OEMs increasingly offer applications covering entire subprocesses. Dealers are then required to integrate the processes into their systems.


New market participants such as internet portals for purchase, sales and auctions of used cars, as well as sales cooperations with companies outside the automotive industry are drawing away customers.


Vehicle dealers feel enormous pressure to optimize their traditional businesses and develop new models in the long term. The key parameters here are how dealers shape customer relationships and automate processes.

Customer Experience
Attracting and winning over loyal customers


Operational Excellence
Streamlining and automating processes



Modern businesses dealing in multiple brands require solutions based on an open architecture that can flexibly map business processes – both end-to-end and across companies.

Seamless digital transformation of sales and service

The Intelligent Enterprise solution for vehicle dealers

proaxia VSS is a complete integrated solution for the comprehensive support of business processes in automotive sales and service.

Streamlined processes and best-practise technologies optimally support your business – both in internal operations and when collaborating with the various market players (vehicle manufacturers and their sales subsidiaries, vehicle dealers, company vehicle fleets, independent repair businesses and workshop chains).

The high degree of process automation and the open and flexible architecture give you the freedom to respond to IT trends based on specific brand manufacturers, and to introduce innovative business models.

Digitalized and flexible sales processes
Comprehensive visualization of customers, vehicles and all interactions
Service industrialization

The integrated dealer management system based on SAP S/4HANA comprises all features for new and used car sales, replacement part and accessory distribution, and workshop processes, including: appointment scheduling with customers, time-tracking-based workshop order processing, and integrated guarantee management and invoicing.

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Your Benefits from proaxia VSS

proaxia VSS helps you actively shape the future of your vehicle business. This complete solution, built on the most advanced SAP technologies, offers you the flexibility you need to grow and respond to changes in your market, to later adapt your processes and IT environments to new requirements, and to take advantage of new business opportunities. Previously installed applications are smoothly transitioned to the world of Intelligent Enterprise solutions, with utmost investment protection ensured.

Protection of Investment

  • After signing an agreement to co-innovate the vehicle business solution, SAP and proaxia consistently harmonize the product roadmap.


  • proaxia has committed to supplying a superior-quality application based on SAP S/4HANA with SAP Premium Certification. This ensures the stability and security of a standard product, including maintenance and continued innovative development and extensive support via the proven SAP support infrastructure.


  • Existing customers can count on reliable transition from SAP DBM based on SAP ERP to proaxia VSS based on SAP S/4HANA OP.

Driving Innovation

  • The SAP and proaxia Innovation Roadmap ensures reliable innovation planning.


  • Within the Advisory Council, representatives of client businesses, SAP and proaxia cooperate closely on release planning and designing new functionalities. This ensures that future developments are optimally tailored to the needs of markets and clients.


  • proaxia uses the SAP Business Technology Platform to move forward digital transformation based on the most innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things.

Optimized business processes

  • Customer focus – the customer at the center of all activity
    All processes related to marketing, sales and service are orchestrated to create a pleasant, uniform customer experience across all customer touchpoints, and to optimize lead-to-cash processes.


  • Enhanced maintenance and repair efficiency
    The maintenance and repair processes are supported end-to-end, and the workshop processes including parts management largely automated. Targeted support in communication with the customer contributes to transforming after sales leads and to upselling opportunities.

A Solution Guaranteeing Efficiency and Innovation

Outstanding customer experience

By intelligently enmeshing and automating sales and service processes, individual and targeted communication with the customer is enabled at all stages of the customer journey – from leads to sales to regular maintenance.


Digital sales enable your salesforce to shape all customer touchpoints across the entire customer journey, professionally and proactively. Independently of your distribution model, proaxia VSS supports every step with self-documenting, automated workflows. This makes communication with your customers consistent across all channels. The customer journey becomes without exception a positive experience ‒ with sustainable and cost-effective benefits.


Digital service ensures access to customer interactions records, allowing you to proactively maintain customer contact even after vehicle purchase. As a result, your service advisors never miss an opportunity to reach out to customers. This includes automatic reminders to service staff when customer service is due or a guarantee expires. Service processes are tightly enmeshed with the workshop management system, so that you can plan workshop visits to be highly convenient and worry-free.


Make it as easy as possible for your customers to use your services. Turn your after-sales leads into revenue and realize your upselling potential.


Excellent automotive processes

Best-in-class ERP, special features for vehicle businesses and intuitive, role-based user interfaces are what makes the proaxia VSS Dealer Management System stand out.


From customer relationship management to marketing, from new and used vehicle sales to parts sales and service, from purchasing to supply chains, from financial accounting to controlling – digitized and automated end-to-end processes ensure the maximum level of efficiency. The intelligent dealer processes and apps have been kept simple to ensure easy, intuitive and efficient use to anyone, regardless of the role.


The open architecture supports the emerging trend toward more tightly enmeshing dealer and OEM systems, while avoiding any issues. Dealer processes can be integrated, orchestrated and flexibly adapted to OEM applications, across system boundaries.

Best-in-class technology for digitalization and innovation

proaxia VSS builds on technologies and solutions developed by SAP.


Thanks to deep integration with SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA Customer Experience Solutions and SAP Automotive Industry Cloud solutions, proaxia VSS makes for a robust yet flexible Dealer Management System.


The innovative technologies offered by the SAP Business Technology Platform are easily integrated. For you this means flexibility, enabling you to create, manage and supply customized applications, and to link data and business processes regardless of the source.


Benefit from these best-in-class standard processes that support flexible, customized add-ons and ensure you strategic advantages as well as a unique position in your market.

vehicle business automotive proaxia vss

proaxia VSS covers a wide requirements spectrum

proaxia VSS covers any level of vehicle business complexity:

– Multiple brands
– Multiple countries and languages
– Multiple companies


proaxia VSS is designed for every scale of business organization:

– From 5,000 to several 100,000 vehicles sold per year
– From 100 to several 10,000 users
– One or multiple companies


Various operating models are available for the solution:

– SAP S/4HANA on premise
– SAP S/4HANA in a private cloud
– SAP S/4HANA in your choice of cloud provider

SAP and proaxia – Partnership for Sustainable Innovation

As markets disrupt, SAP and proaxia have embarked on new trajectories to enable intelligent vehicle businesses. SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA and proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS) give rise to a new, solid platform for developing flexible and innovative solutions to support dealer business management.


Put your trust in
strong platforms, best-of-class technologies
and highly innovative partners.

digital service sales proaxia automotive dealerships vss

proaxia VSS is developed under the Co-innovated with SAP program, thus meeting the same quality standards as an original SAP product. The third version of the solution is already SAP Premium Certified. And it is part of the SAP Automotive Industry Cloud. The common strategy followed by SAP and proaxia and a mutually agreed roadmap ensure ongoing innovation to vehicle dealers and service providers. Solution support is guaranteed via the SAP support infrastructure.

Transition Path for SAP-DBM Customers

SAP and proaxia have designed a concept that allows SSAP-DBM customers to reliably transition to proaxia VSS based on SAP S/4HANA. proaxia makes available tools and services to accompany the transition.

transition vss vehicle sales and service

“With SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA and proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service,

we have a solid platform for developing flexible and innovative solutions to support automotive retailers.

We offer a future-proof solution for the digital transformation of your sales and service processes.“


(Peter Lindtner, proaxia CEO)

proaxia VSS

VSS is a proaxia solution, “co-innovated” with SAP to ensure the highest quality standards.


And VSS is also an integral part of the SAP Industry Cloud for Automotive, offering comprehensive end-to-end innovations for the customer. Innovation and ongoing development, by proaxia and development partners, make the proaxia VSS a future-proof investment.

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