Our Goals and Values

Most important for us is that you “walk the talk” or “do what you say“.

Our Values

Most important for us is that you “walk the talk” or “do what you say“. As a company we not only have common objectives, we also have common values.


We firmly believe that people who share the same values are more successful in their work together. That’s also why the word “AXIA” (“value”) is a part of our company name.


As a matter of course, we only hire consultants with years of experience mostly in international industries, with great people skills and a methodical approach to work. This allows us to keep our rules to a minimum and gives more freedom to operate in an enterprising way within the established “safety barriers”.

Since the company was founded, we have consistently pursued our objectives.


We measure our success not just against revenue or profit, but also against six long-term company objectives:

Our Objectives

Long-term customer relationship: We cultivate long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust.


Highly motivated & experienced employees: Our consultants have years of experience and in-depth specialist knowledge. They share our values.


Long-term growth: We place value on long-term growth.


Sustainable profit: To finance organic growth, we generate the appropriate profit.


Lighthouse projects – We take pleasure in creativity and implement innovative projects for the benefit of our customers.


Market leadership – We are recognized in our markets and are some of the best in the industry.

„Walk the talk“ – We keep our promises.

We, every single employee and the management team, stand for “value delivered as promised”

We have a streamlined support organization and place value on sending you employees with the right qualifications to work on site.

Only people with the same attitude work together successfully.

We can provide clean project management, from contract and invoicing to change request and the documented conclusion of the project.

values and goals werte philosophy

So what makes a “proaxian” stand out?

Passion for Customers


The customer is the focus of our business.


Demanding projects that create sustainable

added value for our customers are our passion.


In our project work, it is more important to us

to overcome difficult situations together and

to share our experiences than simply to provide



We take pride in the high quality of our work

and the success of our customers.


We provide the quality we promise on time and

within the agreed budget.


We use innovation and creativity to benefit

the customer.

Trust and Respect


In our dealings with customers, employees, and partners, we are fair and treat everyone equally, regardless of their status or background.

Our motto is “Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.”

Transparency of information to us not only means an “open-door” policy but also the active distribution of information.

Employees’ personal responsibility on behalf of the company is important to us.

At proaxia, the employees themselves decide how their travel is best arranged from a company perspective, rather than there being a complex travel expenses policy.

Performance Orientation


We work in a result-oriented and pragmatic way.


Our departments and service teams take individual responsibility for your business.


We provide the best possible infrastructure and administrative support at an optimal cost/benefit ratio. Tasks that do not add value are outsourced.


Our consultants are flexible, adaptable, and committed to constant improvement both on a personal level and in the service they provide to customers.



The partner participation model guarantees stability and performance.


We are happy to help others.


Streamlined hierarchies, a cooperative management team, and a respectful approach are the defining factors of our company atmosphere.


We are fair.



Since proaxia is financially independent, we have full control of our objectives and their achievement.


Clear legal structures: We avoid complex legal structures that do not bring added value for our customers. Our aim is transparency and traceability. The legal structures have to support the business model and cooperation with our customers.


We are honest and open in all matters.


proaxia consulting group ag is an international management consultancy firm

with headquarters in Switzerland and branches in Europe, MENA, Asia and USA.

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