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Your All-in-One, Web-Enabled Sales Application. Manage Leads, Automate Tasks & Workflows (Auto-Scheduled & Self-Documenting). Simple & Powerful. Loved by Users, Dealers and OEMs.

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Sell from Anywhere, Anytime – Easy to Use, Powerful Results.
  • One App Does It All: Manage leads, track deals, and close more sales – all in one easy-to-use software.


  • Focus on Selling, Not Busywork: Auto-scheduling and automatic real-time documentation, free up your team’s time. They can focus on building relationships and closing deals.


  • Work Anytime, Anywhere: Access NetSales from any device, anywhere. Perfect for the office, on the road, or even at home.


  • Salespeople Love It: NetSales is easy to use and without any overhead, just click-through. Your team will be more productive and reach their full potential.


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Sell Smarter, Not Harder. NetSales Unifies Your Sales Ecosystem.

Streamline Workflow, Boost Transparency & Efficiency: Eliminate Silos, Gain Real-Time Visibility, and Close Deals Faster.


Transparency and Connectivity lead to efficiency in the Sales Ecosystem: Today’s retail automotive landscape can involve multiple, unconnected systems. NetSales acts as the glue, seamlessly connecting your various tools and data. This creates a transparent order pipeline, eliminating duplicate data entry, and allowing everyone to see progress and work together efficiently. With NetSales, your entire sales team can focus on what matters most – closing deals and exceeding customer expectations.

Mastering Your Network Data. Simplify Data Management & Gain Network Visibility.

Empowering OEM CRMs: Rich data fuels Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for deeper insights while reducing complexity.


Managing data across your automotive network can be a headache. NetSales helps you overcome common challenges like:


  • Keeping Dealer & OEM Data Organized: NetSales keeps individual sales data separate for each dealer while creating a “golden record” for each vehicle, ensuring everyone has the same accurate information.


  • Securely Sharing Information: NetSales uses strong security measures to keep your network data safe when it’s shared across different systems.


  • Adapting to Different Business Models: Whether your network operates with traditional or hybrid models, NetSales seamlessly handles your data needs.
Why Generic CRMs Don’t Cut It for Car Sales?

Focus on Sales, not on adjusting your CRM! NetSales is Built for Car Sales and Delivers More for Less.

Generic CRMs simply don’t meet the mark when it comes to retail car sales. They lack the built-in functionalities specifically designed for the complex world of car sales. This results in significant investment in time and resources for customizations, often resulting in clunky and vulnerable systems.


Here’s why generic CRMs fall short:


  • Limited Functionality: They lack features crucial for car sales, such as lead nurturing for long sales cycles, vehicle inventory management, and service appointment scheduling.


  • Customization Headaches: Extensive customization is required to bridge the functionality gap, leading to complex and expensive systems prone to errors.


  • Ecosystem Volatility: Generic CRMs struggle to adapt to the ever-evolving automotive landscape and industry integrations, potentially leaving your data siloed and outdated.


NetSales eliminates these challenges by offering a comprehensive solution specifically designed for the automotive industry. It streamlines your workflow, reduces customization needs, and ensures your data stays relevant and secure while letting your CRM play the role it is designed for: a safe container for all customer relationship data while letting your CRM play the role it is designed for.

Key Functionalities:

Centralized Hub: Manage Everything in One Place.
Lead Nurturing, Vehicle Inventory, Service Scheduling – All Consolidated.


Automated Sales Workflows: Streamline Your Sales Process.
Automate Lead Follow-Ups, Appointment Reminders, and Task Management.


In-Depth Reporting & Analytics: Gain Data-Driven Insights.
Generate Detailed Sales Reports, Track Performance Metrics, Analyze Customer Data.


Auto-Scheduling and Self-Documenting Workflow.
Maximize efficiency by automating your scheduling tasks and seamlessly generating documentation.

Seamless Ecosystem Integration: Connect Your Entire System.
Integrate Accounting, Marketing, and DMS Systems for a Unified Workflow.


Customizable Dashboards: Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Personalize Your Dashboard for Optimal Visibility.


Secure Data Management: Protect and Segregate Your Information.
Industry-Standard Security Measures Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance.


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