proaxia VSS Dealer Management System DMS for Sales & Aftersales, based on SAP S/4HANA.

What is proaxia VSS?

proaxia VSS, the intelligent Dealer Management System (DMS) for Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Material Handling and Agricultural Machinery.

Increasing complexity and speed – Disruptive changes in the current distribution model –
Ongoing structural change – Survival of the fittest. Some of the key words in today’s changing business environment. Whichever way the business environment is turning, it is important that retailers are supported by intelligent systems.

If you are interested in reading our views on the market development from a Legal-, Innovation and Technology-, Customer- and Business Environment perspective, and what the consequences are for the DMS Systems, you are very welcome to download our white paper below.

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proaxia VSS features

Seamless integration of a best-in-class Sales & Aftersales DMS. Supports retail to maximise Sales and Aftersales performance – online and offline.


Suitable for all structural levels in the vertical distribution channel, i.e., OEM – NSC/Importer – Retail & New Business Models.


Fix the traditional lack of alignment between Business and IT.


Operational DMS for daily business. Real-time BI capabilities for tracking current and planning mid- and longer-term business.


Value adding operational analytics & KPIs, performance planning, steering and driving business performance at all levels in the distribution channel.


Value adding strategic reporting for all hierarchical levels within a level in the distribution channel, i.e., senior management, line management, operations and IT.


Scalable and handles brand representation operations and complexity in any form: multiple brands, business models, legal entities, countries, and languages, drive trains, technologies etc.


Mirrors and drives best practise work processes, bandwidth and depth, e.g., sales process, service process, capacity planning, new processes, process improvements etc. One fully integrated customer lifecycle process end-to-end, i.e., a red thread from lead to delivery and from workshop appointment to invoice.


Pre-requisite: Intuitive user interface which creates added value for sales and service consultants in their functions, business contents and processes.


Last but not least: Form an integral part of the SAP ERP industry cloud automotive to automatically benefit from all further developments and innovations.

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Thought Leader in Vehicle Retail Management Systems

Dealer Management System proaxia vss vehicle sales and service. seamless integration of best-in-class Sales & Aftersales DMS, Analytics & KPIs, Performance Planning, Steering, Driving and Scalability

proaxia VSS offers seamless integration of best-in-class Sales & Aftersales DMS, Analytics & KPIs, Performance Planning, Steering, Driving and Scalability at all levels in the distribution channel.

proaxia VSS enables the respective level in the distribution channel to get the basics right, apply Business Intelligence, analyse the results, plan the success, measure and monitor the progress and make timely corrections at the activity level, not just at results level.


Intuitive user interface which creates added value for sales and service consultants in their functions, business contents and processes.


proaxia VSS is an enabler of “survival of the fittest”.

Seamless integration of sales and aftersales

proaxia VSS dealer management system DMS. Customer satisfaction, efficiency, profitability, aftersales, service, sales.

proaxia VSS proactively supports their clients to reach their business objectives

Increase prospect satisfaction

proaxia VSS offers a fluid and efficient online and offline experience with the objective to maximise prospect satisfaction in the research and information finding phase. The efficiency increase gained through proaxia VSS by the brand representation to focus on prospect needs and to build an authentic relationship to become the prospect’s first choice.


The vehicle industry spends large amounts on lead generation. Turning a lead into an opportunity is not only a matter of the likeability that the lead will purchase a vehicle, but also of the ability of the brand representation to ensure genuine added value and prospect satisfaction in the process.

Increase sales efficiency and sales of your products

There are no silver medals in sales – you sell, or you don’t.


proaxia VSS is intuitive, it adapts to the flow of the customer and is simultaneously ensuring a defined sales process is applied. Of course, the sales process can be adapted to the requirements of a brand or the brand representation.


proaxia VSS creates transparency in the sales process and helps sales consultants and sales managers to understand the individual and the team activity performance and KPIs in the sales process. The best sales consultants want to work with professional systems that support them in achieving their objectives.


proaxia VSS also challenges the brand representation to define how the sales target for the sales team shall be split between conquest and loyalty sales. Too often we see that sales targets are general and don’t capture the often higher conversion potential in the existing customer base.

Increase profitability in sales

An optimised balance between loyalty and conquest sales also helps balancing the total cost of sales which in general is lower with existing customers than with new customers.


Structured processes allow the sales consultants to focus on the customer rather than on the system. Attention to detail can be given and sales consultants shouldn’t miss natural and value-adding opportunities to up- and cross-sell.


If a sales consultant has challenges with adding value in the sales process, the customer is, most likely, less willing to pay for something the customer hasn’t received. Sales managers can actively coach their sales consultants based on their individual KPIs in the sales process.


Adding value in the customer purchase process pays off and proaxia VSS supports the sales consultant in the process.

Increase profitability in aftersales

Lean and efficient service processes which ensure that standard customer repair orders can be invoiced and explained to the customer on the day of vehicle pick-up.


Less gets forgotten and the customers understand the invoice.


proaxia VSS enables the right approach with the right customer, some prefer mainly online, and others prefer offline interaction with the service partner, and some want both. In some cases, a dialogue reception at the vehicle is the preference, in some cases a direct reception in the workshop is required. In all cases proaxia VSS and the proaxia Mobile Service Advisor offer the possibility to take the customer through a professional process, where upselling and cross-selling is not seen to be push-sell.

Increase workshop efficiency and effectiveness

proaxia VSS generates real-time focused workshop reporting and analyses automatically which include the key workshop KPIs by workshop employee, workshop teams etc., e.g., productivity, efficiency, actual vs. standard times and effectiveness. We wanted to automate this as we often get the feedback that generating these reports manually or with Excel is normally very time consuming. That is true, it takes more than ensuring the time clocking by category is robust and that the used definitions are correct …

The parts’ sales analysis ensures an eye can be kept on sales by customer and categories as well as on the ratio parts sales : labour sales.


The proaxia VSS workshop analyses give the workshop manager all required information to understand where areas of improvement occur and hence can take timely action and not wait until the results drop.


Utilising the proaxia VSS reporting to the advantage of aftersales is a key feature for the service-, workshop- and parts manager in their joint daily planning of the job orders short- and mid-term.

Increase customer satisfaction

proaxia VSS not only offers the prospect and customer fluid online and offline experience and allows the retail staff to focus on adding value in the process. It also helps removing the perceived or real silos between sales and aftersales, e.g., an automatic invitation is issued to customer service to introduce themselves at vehicle delivery.


The bigger the positive contact surface is between the customer and the retailer, the stronger the relationship can be. A customer who has purchased a product should under no circumstances feel like a stranger when making a service appointment.


With proaxia VSS the natural touch points with the customer can be used, e.g., when a customer makes a service appointment, an automatic message can be sent to the allocated sales consultant that the customer comes to the brand representation and a quick joint cup of coffee or catch-up can be arranged. Done the right way, it is far more effective than sending a boring standard birthday card which most businesses do.


Satisfied customers indirectly often sell more products and service than retailers realise – alert retailers and sales consultants understand that sales is a result of a successful process and not just a transaction. There is a saying in the industry that many cars are «sold» when two neighbours meet outside their garages and discuss the new car and if they were happy with the retailer.


In service and repairs, research and customer satisfaction surveys often show that if an invoice is presented and explained to the customer when the vehicle is picked up, there is less risk for customer dissatisfaction, compared with an invoice that is mailed at a later point in time. If an unhappy customer receives an OEM/Importer customer satisfaction survey, they are likely to either not reply, or give less positive feedback. Both are not good for customer loyalty.


We have understood what some of the drivers for customer satisfaction are and continuously work on adding innovative value for the brand representation.

Increase customer loyalty

Successful retailers and we at proaxia understand that the product itself is not a differentiator in intra-brand competition, but the staff of the brand representation and the customer moments-of-truth are. Loyalty is an emotion and is not always a result of a process.


We see our role in providing the tools we can for the brand representation to maximise the probability that the prospect and customer is happy. Increasing background efficiency through intelligent sales and service systems to make sure sufficient time is available for building authentic and value adding customer relationships is becoming more important than ever.

IT and technology

The architecture of proaxia VSS is addressing the current and future market needs and reflecting the proaxia VSS objectives above. It is providing an all-in-one solution, combining the power of an ERP solution with industry retail specific processes and user interfaces with seamless integrated business intelligence. The result is the ultimate DMS to manage and operate any scale vehicle brand representations.

proaxia Seamless Integration of best-in-class Sales & Aftersales DMS
dealer management system proaxia VSS vehicle sales and service. SAP S/4HANA®, the worldwide leading ERP

SAP S/4HANA®, the worldwide leading ERP, is the fundament of proaxia VSS. proaxia VSS is running as add-on on SAP S/4HANA and is seamlessly integrated with the line of business functionalities of SAP S/4HANA. proaxia VSS is utilizing the SAP S/4HANA business process capabilities as well as the technical infrastructure.


All processes and functionalities of the ERP Solution SAP S/4HANA can be used in the operational daily business of the brand representation. Furthermore, proaxia VSS is an integrated part of SAP Industry Cloud for Automotive, where SAP provides ongoing innovations, utilizing newest technologies. This innovation track is following a roadmap, aligned by SAP and proaxia.


On this solid fundament proaxia VSS supports the operational daily business with industry specific DMS processes and functionalities, which are customer as well as vehicle centric. The best-in-class processes are presented to the user in an intuitive and user orientated way, covering the specific requirements of roles at a brand representation operation.


Based on SAP S/4HANA

The proaxia VSS application architecture, based on SAP S/4HANA with state-of-the-art technology, provides a unique solution for the brand representation with the following key differentiators:

ERP SAP 4 hana with state-of-the-art technology proaxia

Open architecture and technology platform

Flexibility through open architecture is given by the proaxia VSS software and the latest SAP technology and platforms.

Proaxia VSS – Open Architecture

Latest SAP technology and platforms in the cloud

Latest SAP technology and platforms guarantee stable business operations in the Digital Core running on a private cloud as well as fast and agile innovation in the supporting innovation environments in public cloud.

sap platforms technology proaxia

“With SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA and proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service,

we have a solid platform for developing flexible and innovative solutions to support retailers.

We offer a future-proof solution for the digital transformation of your sales and service processes.“


(Peter Lindtner, proaxia CEO)

proaxia VSS

The proaxia VSS solution is “co-innovated” with SAP and represents the highest quality standards.

And proaxia VSS is also an integral part of the SAP Industry Cloud for Automotive, offering comprehensive end-to-end innovations for the customer. Innovation and ongoing development, by proaxia and development partners, make the proaxia VSS a future-proof investment. 

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