Transformation to an intelligent company

proaxia supports you so that you can make effective use of this portfolio for the specific situation at your company.

Transformation to an intelligent company

Agile – efficient – resilient

Today, companies face varied challenges:

Appropriately serving international markets

Offering single-source services for clients active internationally

Integrating products and business processes after acquisitions

Implementing new business models fast and flexibly

Intelligent companies are successful under such dynamic market conditions because they transform their business processes systematically and reinvent themselves over and over again. In order to achieve the desired results fast and with reduced risk, they aspire to achieve the best possible data transparency. With a high level of process automation, they create the necessary flexibility to fuel digital innovations and respond to changed market conditions.


This means that future-oriented companies choose the right approach to strengthening their business, by implementing early on modern and intelligent technology that fosters efficiency and resilience.

rolling out sap applications

SAP S/4HANA – a solid basis for your business

SAP S/4HANA is a comprehensive ERP system with integrated intelligent technologies including AI, machine learning and advanced analyses. With this system, your company can implement new business models, keep pace with changes, coordinate internal and external resources and unlock the potential of AI-supported prognostics.


Many benefits are derived from close, native process integration, deep industry knowledge and a consistent in-memory data model.


But what potentials does SAP S/4HANA offer in the way of making the IT at your business more effective and advancing your business?


proaxia is at your service for identifying and realizing these potentials.

Transformation with SAP S/4HANA

SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise approach covers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and strategies for digital transformation. Industry-specific packages by SAP and proaxia as well as add-ons of other SAP partners cover the specific requirements of vehicle dealerships and discrete manufacturing.


Your company can benefit from tailored applications to generate additional revenues. When designing your IT architecture, we recommend focusing entirely on the differentiation of your business.


proaxia supports you in defining an appropriate approach to digital transformation with SAP S/4HANA at your company.

RISE with SAP – business transformation as a service

No matter what the initial situation or how complex the company IT, RISE with SAP offers every company a performant IT package for a profound business transformation and migration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

The RISE with SAP solution comprises SAP S/4HANA, a leading ERP that serves as digital core, as well as infrastructure, operation and additional services on a subscription basis. A main advantage is a simplified, transparent and flexible cost structure that supports planning.

RISE with SAP includes:

– Cloud ERP for every business requirement

– Industry-specific next practices and extensibility

– Analyses and business process intelligence

– Result-oriented services by SAP and partners

The tools made available and the continuous support by SAP and partners guarantee optimum benefits more quickly than ever before.

proaxia supports you so that you can make effective use of this portfolio for the specific situation at your company.

SAP and proaxia – optimum technologies and consulting

Intelligent enterprise

You would like to benefit from the demand for intelligent digital products in order to integrate service features into your product line, thus generating new sources of revenue for your company?


We support you in devising new business models and implementing digital innovations.

Industry-specific packages

You plan to make your business grow, provide digital services, win the most talented people and become an intelligent company?


SAP and proaxia support you with in-depth knowledge about industry processes, next-generation best practices and integration opportunities covering the entire value-added chain.

SAP S/4HANA transformation

You would like to shape the change process, from the vision to realizing added value, on your terms and at your pace?


SAP and proaxia will provide ongoing support, and you benefit immediately from proven tools, services and methods.

Template design and rollout

You would like to renew your ERP landscape? Process and data harmonization are decisive for protecting your investments.


We would be pleased to support you in devising the template strategy and in template design, as well as performing the rollout to your organization.

Support and application management

You are looking for comprehensive, post-project support for your SAP applications?


proaxia has a professional organization for supporting products and solutions developed by proaxia as well as for licenses acquired from proaxia. Our organization also maintains entire SAP landscapes.

RISE with SAP & proaxia

Your goal is to transform your company to become an intelligent cloud-based company?


RISE with SAP offers a performant all-inclusive package featuring intelligent solutions and services.


proaxia would be pleased to support you in making the choices in line with your business goals and in implementing them.

Our services for your transformation

Assess process and system landscapes based on best practice approaches

Perform fit-/gap analyses and define needed actions

Coordinate globally with all stakeholders

Develop a plan for master data

Harmonize and migrate master data

Develop global system templates and integrate local requirements

Implement demand-oriented solutions and extensions

Plan and control a rollout, coordinate rollout teams, ensure knowhow transfer

Localize applications and support local teams

Ensure project communication as well as information to and training of users

Consistent method- and tool-supported project management

Support implementation with capacities from our team

business advantages partnership
proaxia – how do we excel as a partner?

Our strengths lie in our long-standing experience with ERP systems, close cooperation with SAP, in-depth understanding of SAP S/4HANA’s potential and the ability to provide holistic support for transformation processes.

Our process, SAP and technology consultants and project managers have long-standing experience in ERP. They contribute to your project “industry best practice” and the knowhow for optimizing international processes.

proaxia is SAP VAR Partner, SAP HANA Cloud Partner, SAP Mobile Partner and SAP development partner. We work in close cooperation with SAP to develop industry-specific packages and partner add-ons.

Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the business and technology potential of SAP S/4HANA.

With holistic, results-oriented support, we navigate you through the entire transformation process, as well as later on during operation.

With offices in Europe, MENA, Asia and in the USA we qualify for local as well as international projects.

We respect cultural differences. We are used to working with local partners and international teams.

Our services are based on a method set that allows goal-oriented and structured working even in complex environments.


proaxia consulting group ag is an international management consulting firm

headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Europe, MENA, Asia and USA.


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