Success Story – Cellere Bau AG develops an intuitive app for building site reporting

Work on large construction sites is tracked digitally and recorded in Cellere’s SAP system for reporting and invoicing. Daily data entry requires relatively little effort. With 120 users and given the regularity, however, this did become a significant productivity factor.

For this reason, Cellere decided to radically simplify the path along which data travels from construction sites to SAP. iPads replaced the PCs. The intuitive construction site app tailored to meet users’ needs enables mobile data recording directly in the SAP system. The app readily supports the digitalization of additional processes, including the use of measuring instruments via bluetooth interface.

As a result, Cellere now benefits from reduced IT costs and the time saved in daily reporting. Multimedia functions and easy communication via OneDrive, OneNote or e-mail improve documentation and reduce the frequency of construction site visits necessary to clarify issues on site.

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