Discrete Manufacturing for digital innovation and eBusiness

The starting position

Those responsible for digitization and eBusiness solutions classically have to coordinate the requirements of various corporate divisions – such as marketing, sales, service, product development (R&D) and logistics.


In addition, there is the holistic design of digital processes, especially in the interaction with customers and partners. At the same time, the company’s goals must be constantly kept in view. This is a central challenge in order to manage eBusiness solutions appropriately and to control them in a goal-oriented manner.


Not an easy task, considering that business requirements change continuously and almost monthly, but also because organizational structures are often rigid and the underlying IT systems are 10 to 15 years old.


As a result, those responsible must not only demonstrate strategic foresight and entrepreneurial creative will, but also have a comprehensive understanding of new technologies. This is the only way to tame the “zoo” of different systems and develop innovative eBusiness solutions. A network of partners and service providers is also crucial for innovative further developments. However, the selection process for these should be constantly reviewed and adapted to the requirements in order not to lose the connection in the digital competition.


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discrete manufacturing proaxia Digital Innovation und eBusiness
Key issues for digital innovation and eBusiness

How do I meet business goals through digitization and eBusiness?

Which key figures are relevant in digitization and for controlling eBusiness?

What are the digitization and eBusiness requirements of the marketing, sales, service, production, logistics or research sectors?

What are the requirements of our partners and customers?

Which eBusiness solutions will be necessary in the future? What does our eBusiness system landscape look like?

What are innovative and successful, what are outdated and expensive solutions?

What does the industry benchmark look like? Which standards are relevant for us?

Our solution approach

proaxia sees itself as a link between business and IT along the entire lifecycle of digital solutions. Our competence team “Digital Innovation & Web Portals” has highly specialized knowledge in the design of eBusiness business models and the implementation of web technologies.

Our goal is to support you as a partner in the introduction of digital innovations and thus increase your customers’ satisfaction at the same time. Behind our consulting services are sustainable concepts, proven approaches and excellent solutions.

In eBusiness, the following solution approaches are proving their worth:

Customer Journey Concept Creation - Understanding the Customer Interface

Our consultants develop the “Customer Journey” concept together with you and, if desired, together with your customers. This is based on our methodical approach which, starting from target groups, documents the customer process and relevant contact points. We also analyze where there are deviations from current processes and which contact points can be digitized. This gives you an impression of where your digitization path can start and how you should address relevant target groups in the future.

Digitization and eBusiness strategies - effectively supporting business goals

With our industry expertise and understanding of marketing, sales and service processes, we bring the necessary expertise to capture your business requirements in a targeted manner. On this basis and with the experience gained from numerous digitization projects, our consultants work with you to develop the right eBusiness strategy for your company. However, the best strategy definition is of no use if it is not implemented in digestible steps. Our proven “roadmap” planning approach helps you break down the defined strategy into a program plan and prepare necessary implementation and migration projects.

eBusiness Architectures - Planning Appropriate Solutions

Why do start-ups act quickly and successfully? – They can often build their solutions on the “greenfield” without having to worry about legacy systems. However, this is not the case for established companies. Embedding eBusiness solutions into the enterprise architecture is an elementary part of success. proaxia has extensive experience in developing target, solution and integration architectures that take into account both business and technological requirements and objectives in order to develop appropriate solutions. These definitions help you to build and manage your eBusiness area in the long term as well as to respond to short term requirements and enhancements with appropriate architecture specifications.

eService & Web Portal Design - Designing Solutions Holistically

Our experience shows that even the design of innovative eBusiness solutions must capture all customer and business requirements. Here it is necessary to consider the needs of different user groups when designing relevant usage scenarios and the desired functionalities. At the same time, we pursue with our solution approach that your new eBusiness solutions effectively support the existing business processes or extend them to a defined extent. But also qualitative requirements must not be disregarded in the solution conception, because especially these are essential for the running operation or in case of changes. You too can benefit from our experience in designing your eBusiness solutions holistically.

Technology and transition assessment - Identifying efficient solutions

We help you identify the relevant eBusiness solutions and technologies that will continue to meet your business objectives in the future. This should not only be based on understanding your strategic direction, but you will also benefit from our extensive knowledge of possible technology options. We independently examine your current solutions and then work with you to identify possible migration paths. Comprehensible documentation and clear recommendations for action form the basis for your further business decisions.

eService & Web Portal Implementations and Rollouts - Successfully Implement and Rollout

With this proaxia service, you benefit not only from our many years of development and implementation experience, but also from transparent project management and sustainable, organizational anchoring of the solutions in your company. The high level of social and intercultural competence of our consultants helps us to address the subtleties of an international environment. For you, this means successful implementation and the necessary acceptance of your new solution.

Support with tenders and offers - ensure transparency

New technologies, solutions and suppliers, changing business requirements or increasing service complexity – the framework conditions for digitization projects are constantly changing. Therefore, such projects must be built on as stable a foundation as possible. This often begins with a competitive bid and the selection of a strong implementation partner. However, this should be preceded by a stringent and transparent selection process. Benefit from our proven approach, which allows you to have a transparent bidding and selection process.

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