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The initial situation in the service

As a central and constantly recurring point of contact for the customer, customer service and after-market areas are crucial for a good company image. By meeting promised SLAs, such as response times and time to fix problems, the service department is busy every day maintaining – if not improving – customer satisfaction.


The Head of Customer Service must therefore ensure a smooth flow of interactions with customers and provide his staff with all the important information required for this purpose and, in particular, for solving customer problems. At the same time, the Head of Customer Service has a profit-and-loss responsibility. To meet this, he must be able to send the right spare part and the right technician to the customer at any time, without simultaneously building up expensive inventory and having excessive technician idle time. An additional challenge here is the fact that the supply chain for spare parts, compared to the supply chain for production, must act much more flexibly and consumption can only be planned with greater imprecision.


To this end, it is equally critical to make future service calls and spare parts orders based on data from new machine sales and service volumes. This allows technicians to access the experience of colleagues, even during a service call.


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Key issues in service

How can I increase customer satisfaction through a good service offering and customer experience?

What services can I offer my customers? Where is there potential for expansion?

What contact options do my customers expect? How can I connect these touchpoints so that my customers experience a seamless customer experience?

What tasks would our customers do independently online if we gave them the option?

How can I support consistent and efficient case management?

How can I give my technicians access to our knowledge base during deployment? How can I connect my technicians with experienced colleagues during the deployment?

How can I directly support my technicians and/or my customers through remote support?

How can I equip my service staff with a holistic view of my customers (360° View)?

How can I target my service customers, e.g. using ‘Installed Base campaigns?

Our solution approach

proaxia sees itself as a link between business and IT along the entire lifecycle of digital solutions. Our “Sales & Service Solutions” competence team has many years of experience in the design of sales & after-market business models and the implementation of IT solutions to support after-market and service processes.

Our goal is to support you as a partner in the introduction of digital innovations and thus increase your customers’ satisfaction at the same time. Behind our consulting services are sustainable concepts, proven approaches and excellent solutions.

The following approaches have proven themselves in service:

SAP Service Cloud für den Kundenservice - Die digitale Service-Transformation

The SAP Service Cloud for Customer solution provides companies with holistic support for after-sales processes from the cloud. With our extensive process experience and methodological expertise, our consultants support you in configuring the processes for ticket processing, maintenance management and knowledge management for field service. With the help of the offline-capable apps, your technicians have full access to digital machine documentation and solution approaches on site at the customer. Integration with your ERP backend and communication systems (email, phone via CTI) allows you to access your pricing engine and resource planning and engage with customers directly from SAP Service Cloud.

Business Transformation Roadmap-Design

Business transformations are complex initiatives to adapt the business to the new challenges. Due to the constantly evolving competitive landscape, it is almost impossible to implement this adaptation in one project. Rather, it requires a transformation program and a transformation roadmap. Our consultants support you in scoping and phasing the individual projects to achieve the transformation goals efficiently and effectively.

Process, organization and master data improvement

Processes, organizational structures and master data form the operating model that enables digital business models. Our consultants support you in documenting, harmonizing and/or optimizing the business processes as well as the roles and reporting paths to control and execute the business processes. In addition, we support you in harmonizing master data structures across departmental boundaries and in cleansing the data inventory.

eService & Web Portal Design - Designing Solutions Holistically

Our experience shows that even the design of innovative eBusiness solutions must capture all customer and business requirements. Here it is necessary to consider the needs of different user groups when designing relevant usage scenarios and the desired functionalities. At the same time, we pursue with our solution approach that your new eBusiness solutions effectively support the existing business processes or extend them to a defined extent. But also qualitative requirements must not be disregarded in the solution conception, because especially these are indispensable for the running operation or in case of changes. You too can benefit from our experience in designing your eBusiness solutions holistically.

Customer Journey Concept Creation - Understanding the Customer Interface

Our consultants develop the “Customer Journey” concept together with you and, if desired, together with your customers. This is based on our methodical approach which, starting from target groups, documents the customer process and relevant contact points. We also analyze where there are deviations from current processes and which contact points can be digitized. This gives you an idea of where your digitization path can start and how you should address relevant target groups in the future.

Digital Innovation Workshop - Discovering Digitization Opportunities

The possibilities of digitization and the Internet of Things are increasingly influencing business models and processes. Leading companies not only offer their own websites, but also use partner portals and social media for full customer interaction. Remote services continue to help gather more data about customer needs. As part of the workshop series, we will work with you to determine the impact of digitization on your industry, the innovation potential it offers your company, and the added value for your customers. We will also show you which approaches have proven successful in the implementation of “Digital Transformation”. This site assessment enables you to derive needs for action for your company and provides you with an assessment for further planning and implementation.

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Our consulting services

  • SAP Service Cloud for Service Transformation
  • Domain and digitization strategies
  • Business transformation roadmaps
  • Process, organization and master data improvement
  • Digital transformation and e-service design
  • Mobilization of processes

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