Intelligent Enterprise for the Automotive Industry

Continuity and Innovation on the Road to a New World of Mobility and Digital Dealerships

BY HAGEN HEUBACH, Global Vice President, Head of Industry Business Unit Automotive, SAP SE und STEFAN KRAUSS, SVP – Global General Manager, Discrete Industries and Energy & Natural Resources, SAP SE

The road to a new world of mobility

The automotive industry is racing into a new world of mobility, even as it manages to recover from the pandemic and continues with the traditional business model of designing, manufacturing, selling, servicing, and financing cars. The shift to more sustainable energy and the drive for more livable cities are increasing the need for convenient, fast, reliable, and cost-effective transportation. Megatrends such as connectivity, autonomous driving, and electrification, along with changing customer preferences, are shaping the industry and the world of mobility in real time.

Automotive digital retailing

Digital retailing options, such as contactless car buying and online dealerships, rose out of necessity during the pandemic, but they are fast becoming preferred purchasing routes. Dealers can use e-commerce technology and CX data to support omnichannel vehicle sales and other services, such as accepting trade-ins and arranging test drives and deliveries. (

Industry cloud is our SAP strategy to extend the intelligent suite with innovative industry cloud solutions built by SAP and our partners in the cloud – based on SAP® Cloud Platform, running on the cloud infrastructure of SAP and our hyperscaler partners. The result is an open business and technology platform for our customers’ core business in their respective industries.

SAP’s industry cloud is an open business process and technology platform to foster innovation and collaboration between our customers, partners, and SAP. We are jointly creating “next business practices” for enterprises and business networks that will enable our customers to thrive in a transforming world.

The design of the industry cloud reflects our customers’ core business needs within their industries. It allows us to define a set of solutions relevant for each industry that we call “SAP Cloud for <industry>” – for example “SAP Cloud for Automotive.”

Business leaders can find a compelling selection of industry cloud solutions to extend support for end-to-end processes with the intelligent suite and business networks. These innovative solutions give leaders the ability to:

  • Rapidly respond to new business requirements
  • Optimize and transform their business
  • Extend end-to-end best-practice processes
  • Adopt best practices from adjacent industries

Industry cloud solutions are easy to discover, subscribe to, and use, offering unified user experiences, familiar design paradigms, and plug-and-play integration.

The automotive industry cloud whitepaper provides in-depth insights and guidance for you.

Partnership with proaxia

Business innovation is driven by everyone – customers, partners, and SAP. It starts with ideas: how to fix a problem, how to discover and unlock new value, how to deliver new business outcomes. Translating an idea into a business process or a solution needs an innovation space that comes with digital tools and content to build and deliver quickly and predictably. This allows developers and business users to focus on getting things done to push new solutions out the door.

SAP’s industry cloud enables SAP and partners to deliver solutions that unlock new levels of efficiency, extend business processes at the edge, and enable innovative business models.

The partnership with proaxia accelerates our customers’ journey toward an intelligent enterprise in the automotive retail market for dealerships. Furthermore, SAP and proaxia closely align their innovations along the SAP product roadmap for industry cloud, intelligent enterprise, and business networks to create seamlessly horizontally and vertically integrated customer experiences.

SAP and proaxia are jointly creating “next business practices” for enterprises and business networks that will enable our customers to thrive in a transforming world.


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