proaxia VSS projects around the world

proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service, the new-generation dealer management system, supports dealerships in Europe, Asia, MENA and the Americas. The all-in-one solution is used to run automotive and heavy equipment dealership processes in sales and aftersales for more than 30 brands.

Thanks to its flexible solution architecture, proaxia VSS caters for dealership complexity of every kind: any scale of the dealer, multi brands, multi countries and languages and multi legal entities.

Scalable, flexible, and able to
handle evolving business models,
technologies etc.

The solution has an open architecture to support ongoing innovation and the introduction of disruptive business models which, for example, facilitate usage-based mobility offerings or intelligent processing of customer information. This makes it possible to uniquely engage with each customer.

Driving Intelligent Sales

With the proaxia Sales Workplace, all sales processes are workflow-driven, self-documenting and omni-channel aware, allowing a fluid, digital and live interaction between the salesperson and the customer. Transparency in the sales process and intelligent customer analyses help to increase customer retention and turn leads into sales.

Driving Intelligent Service

proaxia Service Workplace connects all steps in the customer process into one seamless flow. The end-to-end process is measured and the key aftersales KPIs are generated in real time, which enables the business to generate more service and parts revenue and to cut costs while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Efficient Dealer Processes

Best-in-class ERP processes allow operations to be run efficiently, including specific processes to support Vehicle Sales and Service. You benefit from cost optimisation, reduced processing times, optimised inventory management, full cost transparency and enhanced profitability.

Strategic and Operational Reporting, Analytics and KPIs

Dashboards make performance planning, steering and driving business easier. Decision-making is supported by industry-specific KPIs for sales and aftersales, a database for customer-specific analysis, and SAP Margin Analysis for transparency of revenues and costs according to business line, product group, customer, regions, and other criteria.

Legal Disclaimer

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