proaxia Automotive Solutions AG has succesfully completed the end to end service engagement with Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services (PILS) team for it´s product „proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS) 4.0“.

  1. Technician Mobile App: Technician Mobile App, in addition to facilitating Time Recording, it can empower your technicians to identify new repairs, view vehicle details, service history, and communicate it to other associates and customers with no time delay.  

Key Business Benefits: 

a. Technicians now would have access to most of the vehicle information like Service Recall, Warranty, Service History, Maintenance schedules, parts availability status etc. to carry out the service/repair which could lead to a reduction in repeat repairs.  

b. Technicians can digitally add newly identified damage/repairs, add videos/images, include packages, parts directly saving time from duplicate work. 

c. The staff can Clock-in, Clock-out, pause, resume work for themselves and if authorized, for other team members. 

d. Technicians can now communicate to other associates and customers directly via the app on job statuses, parts requirements, new job approvals and thus increasing job conversion leading to increased revenue. 

2. Communication Framework: Service associates can now communicate with each other and their customers at any stage in the service process like appointment confirmation, vehicle readiness, parts arrivals, and new job identification approvals etc., all within proaxia VSS application suite.  

Key Business Benefits: 

a. Configurable notifications with automatic or manual recipient determination would help the associates and customers respond faster to the information shared, improving overall workshop productivity. 

b. With the new CMF Task Center, the back-office team can now monitor and get better control of the workshop operations where they can view the bottlenecks, if any, change priorities, update statuses, measure the Turnaround Time at various stages. 

c. Communication to the customers can now be sent on their preferred mode of communication like SMS, email, or WhatsApp and with rich media contents like Text, Audio, video, and Images, and thus help your workshops get paperless and efficient.


3. Workshop Analysis: Workshop performance can now be measured using the key workshop KPIs like Workshop productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness etc. Pre-built reports are rendered on SAP SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) or easy to use Data Model for your own visualization. 

Key Benefits/ Features: 

a. Pre-defined dashboards/diagrams for quick overview of the key KPIs with ability to break-down and drill down to more detailed charts and deep dive into tables. 

b. Using SAP SAC conversational AI engine, permits the user to ask business questions and get instant insights in the form of data visualization.  

c. System can be configured to have the near time display of workshop KPIs helping the management to take necessary preventive or corrective actions. 

d. New KPIs and management reports will be added in the next releases  

4. Rental Management: The all-new Rental Management solution in proaxia VSS would enable your Rental Department to manage their fleet of vehicles and equipment, view their availability for rental enquiries and manage the rental contracts from allocation to retirement.  

Key Benefits/ Features: 

a. Flexible Vehicle/Equipment search function: Multi search parameters with option for users to define their own search filter and classification filters for detailed search  

b. Comprehensive result listing of rental vehicles and accessories with a view on current and future date 

c. Simplified selection process for creating contracts, with an option to select multiple vehicles and accessories using the convenient “add to basket” function 

d. Centralized management of logistics and asset movements, as well as depreciation management of the assets 

e. Flexible action determination engine to define the business process actions based on the vehicle/equipment status.  

5. Mobile Field Service: With integration into SAP Field Service Management, proaxia VSS now can generate and manage the orders for Mobile Field Service operations. proaxia VSS and SAP FSM together can fulfill all the Field Service capability requirements for Vehicle or Heavy Equipment machinery.   

Key Benefits/ Features: 

a. End to End process integration for Field Service with standard template delivered within VSS4.0  

b. OS independent multi-platform technician application with offline capabilities 

c. Optimization of resource utilization by effective planning with automation elements / skill usage etc. 

d. Standard Reporting of efforts (both Order and non-order related), Spare parts consumption, Travel time/distance, Expense Reporting etc.    

6. Mobile Service Advisor: The award-winning Mobile Service Advisor application for service Vehicle Reception and Delivery is now available as platform independent. The application can now be run on iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. 

Key Benefits/ Features: 

a. Create/update Customer/Vehicle and Service Orders/Quotations using mobile Tablets allowing the Service Advisors to spend more time with the Customers. 

b. No additional data maintenance required as all the information is directly fetched from the backend proaxia VSS core master data 

c. Identify dents/scratches, take pictures and makes notes, get digital signatures, and send copies to the customers 

d. Offer promotions, campaigns, and special service/general repair packages to create Upselling opportunities. 

e. Brief customer on the work carried out and receive Net promotor scores as part of the vehicle delivery process. 

7. Additional Innovation Areas. With VSS 4.0, the existing proaxia VSS functionalities have been enhanced to address our customers’ concerns and optimize the solutions.  

Key Features: 

a. Performance improvement for up to 8x in the Workshop Loading Application (proaxia Service Resource Scheduling)  

b. Vehicle and Equipment synchronization for Vehicle Attachments/accessories/warranty information and measuring points. 

c. Supporting multiple odometer measures for vehicles, like km and engine hours. 

d. Flexible profit center determination for VSS Parts Orders 

e. Storage location determination optimization in the parts and service orders 

f. Package selection during the Service Contract Order creation process where multiple packages exist in a single Service Contract related to the vehicle. 

g. Mass procurement option to create a Purchase Requisition for multiple line items for one supplier at once. 

h. Option to activate/de-activate Manufacturer Part No functionality. 

i. Facility Add/determine profit center for Down payment requests.