Discrete Manufacturing

We are at home in the equipment, machinery and instrument manufacturing industries.

Discrete Manufacturing

The international market in equipment, machinery and instruments is changing rapidly. Competitors from emerging markets are making inroads into the three most important global markets: US, Europe and Japan. Increased competition means manufacturers have to realign their businesses; this applies especially to their actual business models, not only their technical expertise.


Selling the best machines is not enough to maintain a stable market position. All offers must be aligned more closely with the customers’ needs and the local markets. This applies to engineering and also topics such as sustainability and environmental protection along the entire supply and value chain. Sales and service play a prominent role in localization.

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Challenges in Sales and Service

The revenue and profit contribution from the service area continue to grow and in many companies already surpass the profit contribution of new products.

With the emergence of pure service providers competition is increasing. Many companies are therefore currently focusing on widening their range of services and designing future-proof service structures and processes.

From a technical point of view, the Internet of Things and the Industry 4.0 initiatives are opening up new opportunities for the areas of sales and service.

Product manufacturers are becoming service companies, taking the opportunity to design new business models and business processes, as well as specific services.

Strategic changes of this nature have to be implemented by specialists working closely with IT organizations in a target-oriented way to ensure the anticipated benefits become a reality for the business.

proaxia will help your company to fully achieve its sales and service innovation goals using the capabilities of information technology.

maintenance efficiency

Enhancing maintenance efficiency

Machinery and plant manufacturers are placing more and more value on the technical services they provide for their plants, tools, and traction and lifting equipment. Their goal is to reduce costs and downtimes and avoid loss of production. These internal/organizational services must be of the same level of professionalism as the manufacture and distribution of the product in order to achieve long-lasting cost-savings and quality enhancement. Their maintenance measures must meet the highest standards of sustainability.


Company-wide maintenance processes can be superbly integrated and optimized through digital transformation and Industry 4.0 solutions. The same applies to inspection, servicing, repair and spare parts management. Process-oriented support in order processing and order fulfillment – from automatically generated order notification to order settlement – increases efficiency in maintenance and spare parts management.


proaxia supports your business in designing and implementing sustainable processes and solutions. We create transparency.

Our Consultancy Services

proaxia sees itself as the link between business and IT throughout the life cycle of your IT solutions.


Our advisers are highly specialized experts in process design for:


  • Sales
  • Service
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Warranty processing
  • Rental business


With our consultancy services we will help you to create viable concepts and work with you to ensure they are successfully implemented.


Business Transformation

How do you ensure the change planned in Sales and Service will be successful? Has the required business initiative been finalized accordingly?


Continuous Business Process Improvement

Have responsibilities for processes been clearly set? Do the processes support the business strategy to the extent required? What does the roadmap look like for each individual process?


Digital Transformation

To what extent are new technologies deployed to generate added value for the company?


Master Data Optimization

Is the quality of the master data good? Has the integration of master data following a company merger been completed? Do the master data models support the business strategy? Are responsibilities for master data models and quality clear?


Implementing Industry Solutions

What are the proven solutions in the equipment, machinery and instrument manufacturing industries? What specific benefits do they bring? How can these industry solutions be used for faster implementation? Do they guarantee implementation within an efficient time frame and budget ?


Optimizing the SAP® Architecture

How can the existing SAP architecture be redesigned to be future-proof? What are the crucial components for this optimization?


Maintenance and Support

What service levels have to be guaranteed? Are the required resources definitely available? Should maintenance and support be provided internally or externally?


Global Implementations and Rollouts

Which approach is most appropriate for international rollouts? How do you ensure they dovetail with business transformation? How can projects be actively managed?

Our focus – marketing, sales and service

In the area of “Discrete Manufacturing” we offer individual services with a focus on marketing, sales and service as well as digital innovation (eBusiness).


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digital transformation Consultancy proaxia
“Quick Start Guide to Digital Transformation” Consultancy Service

The opportunities presented by digitization and the Internet of Things are having an increasing influence on business models and processes. Leading companies use remote services to position their service business successfully which secures their standing as pioneers.

The opportunities presented by digitization and the Internet of Things are having an increasing influence on business models and processes. Leading companies use remote services to position their service business successfully which secures their standing as pioneers.

Look into the opportunities for a digital transformation in your own business.

In a half-day “in-house experience sharing session” we compile with you an initial analysis of the current situation and identify the actions required in your company.

What impact does digitization already have in your industry?

What benefits does digital transformation hold for your company, what added value for your customers?

What are the proven approaches for implementing “digital transformation”?

With our tried and tested approach we can give you targeted assistance with the initial assessment as well as with planning and implementing digital transformation.

Align and optimize

Business unit and digitization strategies


Operating Models


Business Transformation Roadmaps


IT Strategies

Plan and Design

Process, organization and master data improvement


Digital Transformation & e-Service Design


Mobilization of processes


Target, solution and integration architectures

Realize and Implement

SAP Hybris C4C for sales and service transformation


Portal solutions with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Fiori


Enterprise processes in SAP ECC and S/4 Hana


Upgrade and transition services (e.g. ECC to S/4 Hana)

Structure and manage

Portfolio, program and project management


Global rollouts


Requests for proposals (RFI / RFP)


Test and quality management


Procedures and models

Our Portfolio of Solutions

In our projects we build on tried-and-tested SAP® solutions and also offer our own solutions for optimizing and supporting special processes.

Do you have any questions about our services?

Your Advantages with proaxia

Our advisers have many years of experience in designing and implementing business processes in discrete manufacturing. We understand the entire IT value chain from the business to the IT service providers.

Make use of our advisers’ comprehensive understanding of the opportunities presented by digitization and the Internet of Things.

proaxia has developed its own tried-and-tested method which dovetails the business and IT approaches throughout the life cycle of the IT solution.

With our high level of social skills and understanding of organizations, we can bring the various interest groups together.

Our approach is pragmatic and results-oriented. We implement in realistic steps.

Make use of our experience from innovative projects with customers and partners (Coresystems, SAP, Lausanne University, CTI – Commission for Technology and Innovation in Switzerland).

With locations in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia, and a strategic partnership in the USA, we are fully qualified for local and for international projects.

Customer examples
Integrated process from machine to invoice

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, HOERBIGER group is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology.


HOERBIGER has redesigned the service business of wellhead compressors and has automated vital processes. The project comprises the entire process and IT integration from recording operating data to invoicing. proaxia realized the complex business logic using Internet of Things and Cloud Computing technologies and fully integrated with SAP ERP (ECC) and SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C).


“Automated monitoring, reporting and billing have now led to much more transparency. Sources of error were eliminated, and, despite the complex billing model, invoices are issued without delay, paid more rapidly and our liquidity is thus improved”


– Thomas Kriechbaum, Chief Process Officer, Executive Vice President Processmanagement and IT

hoerbiger SAP Field Service Management
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Integrated processes for the Krones spare part business
Krones Group

Krones – the market leader in machinery and complete lines for the beverages and liquid food industry reorganized the processes for spare parts logistics in SAP.


With this project – supported by proaxia – various processes were standardized across plants in order to allow large-scale automation. Thereby Krones achieved considerable improvements: Transparency, speed, lean processes and more reliability.


“In this way we can plan our business exactly, delivering to our customers on schedule and give binding schedule information at all customer touchpoints. This is a significant factor in boosting customer satisfaction”


– Klaus Grimme, Head of Operations Central Lifecycle Service

krones SAP Field Service Management
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